Many programs including Quicktime, iTunes, Winamp, Realplayer and VLC are supported for listening on your computer. We recommend Quicktime or the StreamS player for iPhone.

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Playing the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel while in your car is not only possible, but it sounds great!

Listening on the road requires a smartphone such as an iPhone or Android.

Open the Safari web browser and enter the following address

An address and link will be provided that you can tap (click) on that will open the player. That's it.

Most newer vehicles have an Aux jack for playing audio from MP3 players and you can plug the headphone jack from your player into the Aux jack and achieve astonishing audio results. Make sure the sound level is not turned up too high on your phone or you might experience some sound distortion. A little experimenting will find the right level for your vehicle.

Some newer radios have the ability to talk to other devices via Bluetooth. In that case you don't even need a cord. Setting up your radio per the manufacturers instructions and turning on Bluetooth on your iPhone you will let the two talk to each other. Using the Quicktime or StreamS player will play the sound in your car in the same excellent quality.

When a call comes in (using either method above) the music fades down and you can talk hansdfree hearing through your car speakers. When the call is done the music fades back up. Pretty Cool!

For Android we have found that Android OS 2.3 or higher is required. Cherrry Player as well as XIAAlive player for Android work.

May thanks to Larry Nader for doing the legwork to make The Pittsburgh Jazz Channel available to Android users.


Tony Mowod Photo: Kurt Weber/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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