Many programs including Quicktime, iTunes, Winamp, Realplayer and VLC are supported for listening on your computer. We recommend Quicktime or the StreamS player for iPhone.

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Player options and hints.

Connecting the Audio Out port of your computer into your stereo system will provide you with an extraordinary listening experience. Our stream requires dedicated high speed connections such as Cable Modem, DSL, Company LAN or Smartphone Internet. Using a good player you can listen like never before.

The Pittsburgh Jazz Channel is streamed in HE-AAC+ Coding. This is a transmission method that is "State of the Art." It provides audio quality that is better than FM and better than HD Radio.

The easiest player to use is Quicktime. This is the player that is used when you use iTunes or when you stream with an iPhone. iTunes plays the stream just fine on Mac or PC.

You can use the iTunes program or the Quicktime player as a standalone player. Quicktime is downloaded when you download iTunes (PC users)

Winamp on PC will play the stream. On iPhone and iPad- Quicktime and iTunes will play the stream without issue.

There are some additional players for iPhone and iPad you may want to know about as they will allow the highest quality available from our streams.

StreamS- A player designed to give the highest quality experience listening to the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel. This is for iPhones 4 and higher.

VLC Player- This player will run the stream on PC, Mac or Linux.


We have seen a problem where the link won't open when clicked from Firefox browser. Whenever a web browser just won't open a link you can copy the following address and paste it into the "Open URL" item in your player. That will make the player take the address directly.

If you cannot make the sound play make sure the sound will play something else from the same player to determine wether it is the player of speaker setup. Sometimes (especially in Windows) the volume controls default to off. You have to go to the sound control panel to turn them up.

Do you want to listen to the Pittsburgh Jazz Channel in your car while driving? Then click here.

Internet Radios.


We are increasing our capabilities to be used with Internet Radios.

On the Reciva Internet Radios we are station 21567 Or the address

If your Radio will do a direct link here is the address.

Tony Mowod Photo: Kurt Weber/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Keep a bit of love in your heart, and a taste of jazz in your soul."